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What you need to know about postage meters for small offices.

These days, postage meters for small offices are becoming more popular than ever. And why not? Small offices that use postage machines like a Quadient postage meter are saving lots of time and money on their mailing and shipping. They’re sending mail and packages without leaving the office by using the built-in scale to weigh mail and affix the exact postage. And they’re enjoying an automatic discounted rate on First-Class mail that isn’t even available at the post office! And the savings don’t end there. Just look at all the benefits of Quadient postage meters for small offices.

Save time:
• No stamps needed
• No trips to the post office
• No waiting in line
• No interrupting your work

Save money:
• Pay 7% less to send First-Class Mail®
• Never overpay for postage
• No reset fees or postage advance fees
• Save 44% or more compared to similar Pitney Bowes machines^

Take control:
• 24/7 Myquadient access to account info, transaction history or to order supplies
• Online shipment tracking
• Automatically compare select carriers to find the lowest cost and fastest method of delivery
• US-based technical support

If you run a small business, running to the post office shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Quadient has postage meters for small offices to help you run your small office better.