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Two great postage meter solutions for your small business.


For small businesses that mail fewer than 150 pieces of mail per month

The compact, Quadient IS-280 iMeter® mailing system includes built-in scale for 24/7 in-office mail processing and Myquadient online account access for account management and postage expense tracking.


For businesses that mail more than 150 pieces of mail per month.

With the Quadient iX-3 postage meter, get the mailing and shipping capabilities of a bigger machine without the large size and price tag. Apply postage, seal, and swiftly get your mail out the door.

Choose the Quadient mailing and shipping solution that’s best for you.



Mailing system with built-in USPS® compliant scale
24/7 Myquadient online account management
Processing time
Up to 18 letters/minute
Up to 45 letters/minute

Features & Benefits

Discounts on First-Class Mail®
Save up to 5%
Save up to 5%
Easy rate and class selections with Rate Wizard
Exact postage available 24/7
Download USPS® rate updates
Pre-pay postage electronically
Add postage immediately, pay later
No reset and postage advance fees
PIN Code protected secure access to postage
US-based customer support
Envelope feed
Envelope sealing
Starter kit with long-life ink cartridge
No extra printers, papers or supplies required to process your mail


Track postage expenses with NeoStats
Personalize mail with a logo, image or message with NeoSlogan
Access library of over 100 images for personalization or create your own


Base dimensions
12.5”L x 8.8”W x 7.6”H
10”L x 10.5”W x 17”H
Max envelope thickness


Print USPS® compliant shipping labels online
Domestic and international shipping
Automatic customs forms generation
Ship packages at a lower rate with commercial base postage discounts
Save up to 30%††
Save up to 30%††
Track shipments online
Syncs with Quadient postage meters
Ability to connect to external USB scale and thermal label printer, but not required
Address verification and correction
Free insurance on Priority Mail® (max. $50 value) and Priority Mail Express® (max. $100 value)
Supports up to 100 users
Up to 10,000 addresses to public book
Up to 1,000 addresses per user to each private book


All the services of Neoship
Multicarrier domestic and international shipping (USPS®, FedEx®, UPS®)
Automatically compare and display rates across FedEx® and USPS®
Find fastest delivery method (USPS®, FedEx®, UPS®)
Intuitive single screen interface
Streamline shipping workflow with batch processing
Batch shipping allows you to create up to 100 identical shipments being sent to different recipients and addresses at one time
Obtain and store USPS® proof of delivery
Manage and control user roles and privileges