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The cost of stamps has gone up. But with a Quadient postage meter you can save more than ever.

Year after year stamp prices go up. On January 27, 2019, USPS® rates increased again, this time to 55 cents for every letter sent under 1 oz. That’s one of the largest First-Class Mail® rate increases ever. This is where a Quadient postage meter comes in. Because now, postage meter users get the biggest discounts. A discount that isn’t available at the post office! Quadient has a digital postage meter for any size business that can save you money with automatic discounts on USPS rates.

With a Quadient postage meter, you save 7% and only pay 51 cents for your first-class postage. And if you ship packages, you can add on a shipping option like NeoShip or NeoShip ADVANCED and save even more, paying up to 40% less on Priority Mail®! No matter how many items you send, Quadient has a mailing and shipping solution to help you run your business better.

Forget the pricing games.

Unlike some other meter manufacturers (take Pitney Bowes for example), we don’t lure you in with a low introductory price and then increase your cost every year. In fact, we have no hidden fees and our contracts are price protected! Quadient gives you everything you need to send mail and packages for less. Which is why when you weigh Quadient against other mailing and shipping solutions, Quadient always comes out on top.