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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions
about Quadient and our mailing and shipping solutions.

Your Business and COVID-19

The CDC, the World Health Organization, and the Surgeon General have all indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.

Our meters and shipping solutions allow you to process your outgoing mail without leaving the office. So you don’t need to make any more trips to the post office to buy stamps.

A Quadient specialist can help you identify the best method for your mail type and volume. Call 888.701.6915 from 8 am to 6 pm central time. Or fill out this form and we’ll contact you.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our employees, and to helping our customers keep their businesses running smoothly. See this page for more information.

About Quadient

Quadient is a world leader in mailing and shipping products for over 90 years, offering a choice of all-in-one solutions to all size businesses. With US-based customer service, we’re 100% dedicated to meeting your business mail requirements. Our mailing and shipping solutions securely process close to $3.4 billion in postage annually. Unlike some competitive brands, there are no complicated applications, special labels or hidden contract fees. With Quadient, rates are locked for the duration of the contract.

Businesses of all sizes trust their Quadient mailing and shipping solutions to help them process mail smarter. They pay 5% less to send First-Class Mail® and no longer overpay for postage. Postage is always available; there are no trips to the post office, no waiting in line, and no interrupting work. You get all that, with online access to account information and postal expense management.

Yes! With Neoship you can create and print USPS® compliant shipping labels right from your desktop. Act now and Neoship is FREE for the length of your contact! Or upgrade to Neoship ADVANCED and you can ship with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. Plus, you get the added ability to automatically compare carriers to identify the lowest cost and fastest delivery method to get your package to its destination.

Yes! If you only ship with USPS®, Neoship lets you print USPS® compliant shipping labels in minutes while also benefiting from commercial base pricing. Neoship ADVANCED consolidates logins from all three sites, giving you just one login and one subscription to access all three carriers. It will also display pre-negotiated rates you may have with the other carriers. Neoship ADVANCED automatically compares rates and delivery times across select carriers to find the cheapest and fastest way to ship.

If your business mails fewer than 150 pieces of mail per month, we recommend the IS-280. If your business mails more than 150 pieces of mail per month, our iX-3 will work for you.

Absolutely. With Quadient mailing and shipping solutions you pay less for postage and receive discounted shipping rates. Plus, exact postage is available 24/7 and with Myquadient online account management you can manage your account and postage expenses quickly and easily.

You get an all-in-one mailing solution that lets you spend more time and money managing your business. Learn more about our mailing and shipping solutions and compare to competitive solutions.

Yes. First-class postage is currently 60 cents.
But, with a Quadient postage meter, you save 5% by only paying 57 cents for first-class postage! Plus, there are other savings too.
Learn more about how a Quadient mailing and shipping solution can save you time and money.
Or, give us a call toll free, at 888.701.6915.

Our shipping rate guides make it simple to compare the three major carriers, USPS®, UPS®, and FedEx®, by price, time of delivery, and fees and surcharges. Download these free guides today – they’ll help you choose the best shipping method for your business.

Working with Quadient

Quadient mailing and shipping solutions are easy to set-up on your own. But just in case, you can always call your Quadient representative toll free at 888.701.6915 if you have any questions.

Just give us a call toll free at 888.701.6915 and one of our friendly Quadient representatives will help you switch by notifying your current vendor.

Simply call our toll free number: 888.701.6915.

No, our contract terms are price-protected with no annual increases or hidden fees.

About Neopost Becoming Quadient

Over the years, Neopost has provided first-class solutions that help organizations deliver vital communications through the mail. As customer expectations continued to evolve, we expanded our business lines to help companies connect better with their customers across the growing number of channels that are now critical for today’s businesses to succeed. Our new company name now reflects this expansion beyond our core mailing solutions. Of course, this does not mean we are abandoning our rich mailing history. Quite the opposite, as we are fully committed to growing all our solutions to better serve our current and future customers. Click here for more information.

No. All the current support channels remain the same. We are 100% focused on servicing our customers across all products and regions. Our customers will NOT see any disruption in service or support.

We don’t expect any changes to your customer account. However, you will be notified if any adjustments become necessary. We are committed to avoiding any disruption to your service or the way you do business with us.

All agreements and contracts will remain the same. You will be notified if contracts for your jurisdiction need to be modified.

To learn more, call us at 888.701.6915 or complete our form and a representative will contact you.

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