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Mailing and shipping are essential to your business. Going to the post office isn’t.

With a Quadient mailing and shipping solution, you can process mail from anywhere. It’s safer – and you’ll save time and money!

Choose the mailing and shipping solution that’s right for you.

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For small businesses that mail fewer than 150 pieces of mail per month

The compact, Quadient IS-280 iMeter® mailing system includes built-in scale for 24/7 in-office mail processing and Myquadient online account access for account management and postage expense tracking.



For businesses that mail more than 150 pieces of mail per month.

With the Quadient iX-3 postage meter, get the mailing and shipping capabilities of a bigger machine without the large size and price tag. Apply postage, seal, and swiftly get your mail out the door.

Take advantage of FREE Neoship.​

Neoship simplifies your shipping by allowing you to create and print USPS® compliant shipping labels right from your desktop. Act now and Neoship is FREE for the length of your contact! Or upgrade to Neoship ADVANCED and you can ship with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. Plus, you get the added ability to automatically compare carriers to identify the lowest cost and fastest delivery method to get your package to its destination.

  • Domestic and international shipping at lower rates
  • 24/7, multi-department online shipment tracking

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Key benefits

Save Time

Avoid unnecessary trips to the post office

Process mail and packages at any time

No stamps needed

No interrupting your work

Save Money

Pay 5% less to send First-Class Mail®

Never overpay for postage

No reset fees or postage advance fees

Save 44% or more compared to the Pitney Bowes SendPro® Mailstation^

Take Control

24/7 Myquadient access to account info, transaction history or to order supplies

Online shipment tracking

Automatically compare select carriers to find the lowest cost and fastest method of delivery

US-based technical support

See what people like you are saying

Time saver. Better than waiting in line at the post office. Postage is less than regular stamps – a real advantage.
Susan S. Swader, CPA, PC
We are more efficient with a machine that weighs and sets postage. I chose Neopost over a competitor years ago and have been happy since.
H.J. Graham Agency, Inc.
Way better than the old dinosaur we had! Modern, fast and accurate. Love it!
Bates & Ely PLLC
I like the integrated scale, which is something I didn't have with our Pitney Bowes meter. I like the reporting because we can easily expense the postage costs as needed. Neopost was just the best option available for the price.
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston
With Neopost I stopped being nickel and dimed by fees and charges.
Data Lab Corporation
Easy to use, we walk up to the machine, we press it on, the rollers start cranking and boom, it’s done.
Rick’s Plumbing